The Rent Eats First

Updates on the Riverside Apartments ( Kingsley Village, Parkview, Hunters Grove Apartments) in Austell Georgia

None of the apartments are low income or government owned. The average amount for a 2 bedroom apartment ranges from $700 to $900 a month a month. Some 2 bedrooms are $950 a month and 3 bedroom apartments are $1000 or more a month. The rent amount is the same for someone who makes $10 an hour and someone that makes $50 an hour.

Cobb County Eviction court on Fridays have a caseload of 100 people whose rent varies between $700 to $900 a month

On May 9th Resource connection/rental assistance workshop at Kingsley Village Apartments 595 Riverside Parkway 9:30 am to 11:30am

4/27 Riverside Intermediate School clean up meet at Riverside Intermediate School 930 am to 1030 am 481 S. Gordon Road Mableton Georgia 30126


The week of 4/22/2019

Cobb County code enforcement department provides updated spreadsheet on the apartment units that were inspected or requested inspections

Chairman Mike Boyce visited Parkview Apartments

Management company is working to complete repair requests

Monica DeLancy spoke at Cobb County Board of Commissioners Meeting on 4/23/2019 and the Cobb county board of educators meeting on 4/24/2019 on updates about the Riverside apartment community

4/ 15/ 2019 residents from the Riverside Community attended South Cobb Redevelopment Authority meeting and spoke during public comment.

4/10/2019 – Cobb County Government hosted a community meeting to discuss apartment inspections, next steps. The meeting was in partnership with We Thrive in Riverside Renters Association. there were residents that attended from multiple apartments in the Riverside Community who had concerns. In attendance were Chairman Mike Boyce, District 4 commissioner, Monica DeLancy, organizer We Thrive in Riverside Renters association and CCSD parent resource specialist. Resource guides were distributed by We Thrive in Riverside Renters Association. In attendance were SCLC and NAACP

4/10/2019 new signs posted on apartments with new management name listed.

4/9/2010- Community affairs did a walk through on Hunters Grove Apartments with manager

4/1/2019- New management company for the 3 apartment complexes Amfor management, new management company for Kingsley Village, Hunters Grove Apartments, Parkview Apartments. The owners of the group are the same. The new management team assures maintenance requests will be process, partnership with community affairs, and being resourceful to tenants.

4/2/2019- HB 346 passes senate and will be presented to Governor Kemp to sign, no retaliation on renters who complain about maintenance request. The bill was present by Representative Sharon Cooper

3/26/2019-the Cobb County Board of Commissioners will present a resolution supporting House Bill 346 which states no landlord retaliation on renters who complain about maintenance repairs. The resolution will be read at the 7pm meeting

3/25/2019 Cobb County Chairman Mike Boyce will visit Parkview Apartments 360 Riverside Parkway Austell Georgia on Monday March 25th. positive feedback, security lights are on the property and residents have stated that their maintenance request are being performed.

3/21/2019 Opportunity to thrive community pop up was held at Parkview Apartments 360 Riverside Parkway Austell, Georgia on Thursday March 21st 1:00pm to 4pm. This will be an opportunity for residents to meet the new managers and receive fresh fruits and vegetables from Amerigroup. In addition there will be resource guides and keep Cobb Beautiful info table so residents can learn strategies to help keep their community clean. The community pop up is in partnership with We Thrive in Riverside Renters Association.

3/15/2019 The attorney representing the 3 sister properties Kingsley Village, Parkview Apartments and Hunter Grove apartments withdrew from the eviction cases . All cases from those properties were dismissed and residents who had counter claims were awarded their judgements. There were multiple Judgements awarded were $15000, $1500,$2950, $1200,$1000.

n March 12th 30 residents from the south Cobb community went to the state Capitol to discuss HB346 with elected officials and education policies.

HB 346 is the bill presented by Representative Sharon Cooper that stops landlord from retaliation if residents complain about living conditions on rental properties. The trip was organized by Monica Delancy, We thrive in Riverside Renters Association in partnership with national center on learning disabilities and Word of Faith sponsored the transportation.

On Monday March 11th new property managers took over the property and stated that they are in the process of working maintenance orders and speaking with tenants to build relationships. The tenants who went to court for eviction was filed before the new management started on March 11th.

March 7th code violation hearing for the 3 apartment complexes at 9am at Cobb County magistrate court at 9am., Owners given Jury trial

March 3, Georgia State Representatives passed HOUSE Bill 346, that prevents landlord for retaliation against renters, it now moves to the Georgia State Senate

March 1st a Kingsley village resident was awarded $10000 in court on an eviction counter claim .

February 28, Apartment manager hosted tenant meeting at Parkview, Kingsley village, hunters Grove apartments

February 27th Cobb Chairman Mike Boyce visited residents at Kingsley Village and was joined by SCLC, school social workers, Austell Community Taskforce and We Thrive in Riverside Renters Association. Resource lists were passed our Cobb Legal AID brochure

February 26th, We Thrive in Riverside Renters Association attended Cobb County Board of Commissioners meeting and spoke about HB346, housing concerns in the Riverside Community

Representative Sharon Cooper introduces HB 346 bill passed in legislation to stop landlords from retaliation against residents who are "whistle blowers". Commissioner Lisa Cupid and special assistant to Cobb Chairman . Michael Murphy attended hearings.

AJC and Marietta Daily Journal ran updates stories about the apartment crisis on Friday February 21st and Monday February 25th and featured We Thrive in Riverside Renters Association, and testimony from residents at Parkview and Kingsley Village Apartments.

Monday February 18th residents from Hunters Grove, and Kingsley Village Apartments attended South Cobb Redevelopment Authority meeting and spoke about Riverside apartment crisis.

February 13th, Residents attended Marietta Housing Authority meeting and spoke during public comment

Residents attended Cobb County Board of Commissioners meeting on February 12th, residents spoke during public comment.

AJC and Cobb County Courier provide updated articles about the apartment complex on February 12th

February 7, February 8, and February 9

Residents were frustrated about the hearings reset and We Thrive in Riverside in Renters Association and SCLC held a press conference on February 7th. The Atlanta journal constitution and the Cobb County Courier ran stories about the apartments.

January 31st the owners received a continuance

The hearing for the code violations for Kingsley Village Apartments, Hunters Grove Apartments. Parkview Apartments were set for December 2018, the owners were granted a reset and.

November 17th We Thrive in Riverside Renters association hosted annual townhall meeting, primary concerns were maintenance issues at apartment complexes.

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